We finally got Diablo IV and we said “early bird gets ahead” and let’s gather the clues that you will benefit from throughout the game. See you at Sanctuary!

► Surely monster families have an extra chance to drop certain item types. For example, skeletons are more prone to drop crossbows in addition to their usual loot, according to a tip previously given by one of the producers. As far as I can see, Champions almost always drop gems, almost without exception. For now, we do not have anything to list, but after the game is released, detailed lists will be prepared about where and what falls.

► It can be difficult to reach the needs of Paragon Boards at first. That’s why the permanent extra points given by Altar of Liliths cost gold.

► Feel free to make elixir from Alchemists and drink it. You can find a lot of equipment, and besides giving bonuses to various features, they also allow you to gain 5% extra experience.

► Remember that if you have missing herbs to craft Elixir or Incense, you can re-exchange them from the Alchemist!

► The appearances of the equipment you salvage are automatically added to your Wardrobe. Now, since there will be a hammer symbol at the bottom of the equipment that you have not opened, it is very easy to distinguish which ones you have opened and which add a new look.

► In the city of Zarbinzet in Hawezar, you can get a mission that details the events we saw in the opening cinematic of Diablo IV. The name of the task given by Father Dymus is “To Walk a Dark Path”.

► The Aspects you unlock for Codex from dungeons always have the lowest power. You need to find more adequate versions on Legendaries and “Extract” them from there. However, if the legendary power you want doesn’t drop, use it naturally, it’s appropriate again out of nothing.

► From the Codex screen, you can see which dungeon a legendary power fell from, and you can even track the location of the dungeon on the map.

► Just use the items you find more until you reach level 50. Since you will change a lot of equipment quickly and Imprint, it will be more beneficial for you to save the money and materials you will spend on Upgrade.

► If there is a need to “keep X people alive” in the events you come across in the open world, you gain extra equipment as much as the character you can keep alive. It’s not the end of the world if you can’t, but extra loot is customary.

► How fast you finish in Nightmare Dungeons is not worth it. Instead, you have the chance to be resurrected 12 times in total. So don’t be hasty, proceed cautiously.

► Do not forget that when you put some Aspects on Amulets and 2H weapons, you get stronger effect. For example, Aspect, which increases your Skeletal Mage number, adds +2 on a regular module, while it adds +3 on Amulets. This not only gives you an extra Skeletal Mage, but also gives you a huge advantage for your other Aspects working as “If you have more than 7 Minions…”.

► You will see “Basic”, “Core”, “Shadow” labels etc. in some equipment properties. Pay attention to these labels when adjusting your abilities, so you can see more easily what affects what and create synergies accordingly. Let me remind you that you can filter according to the tags you want in the skill tree.

► Before getting fast and deadly buffs like Artillery, Lethal or Conduit Shrine, check to see if there is a room full of Elite/Champions in front of you. Basically, you don’t want to waste time with crappy enemies that die in one hit.

► If you see a Campfire, standing around for a while will give you experience bonus for a short time. If you’re going to stay AFK for a while, it’s the ideal to find a Campfire and fall for it.

Source: Oyun Gezer

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