After PlayStation Showcase 2023 new Spider-Man 2 details it keeps coming. New information about the game has been added to our knowledge about the game with an interview with creative director Bryan Intihar by different Eurogamer and Famitsu. Details about both the size of the map and the mid-character transition system are in our news.

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Almost two years after its announcement during the PlayStation Showcase in 2021, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 returned with a new presentation. After the big PlayStation presentation, which included a ten-minute gameplay demonstration as well as seeing the Kraven character, new details about the game continue to come.

New Spider-Man 2 Details: Map Size and Crossover Characters

First of all, during an interview with the Famitsu site, creative director Bryan Intihar said that the map of the sequel will be much larger than the map in Marvel’s Spider-Man and the standalone expansion pack Miles Morales games. So much so that the Queens Brooklyn districts were also added. Although smaller and more residential, they held a different fascination compared to Manhattan. In addition, there will be situations that we have not seen before. For example, in the conflicts we entered, there would be moments when we would pass through the middle of the regions.

Later in the interview, it was also said that our journey on the map will develop faster with the new abilities of both characters.

In an interview with creative director Bryan Intihar by Eurogamer, he talked about how the transition system in the middle of the characters works. However, while we do not act as a script, we can make this transition during free circulation. Intihar says that during the task, the appropriate character will be automatically given by the game, without leaving it to our choice, so that the progress is not interrupted. After the end of the mission, if we want to wander around the map, we will be able to continue with Miles Morales or Peter Parker, by switching between the two characters as in the Grand Theft Auto 5 game.

Creative director Bryan Intihar says that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will also have side missions specific to each of our main characters. As you can imagine, it will not be possible to switch between Morales and Parker in these side missions.

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