Wargaming, the developer and publisher of the leading naval combat simulator World of Warships, has shared additional information on its new charity collaboration as part of King Features’ famous character Popeye. Limited in-game content during World Ocean Month in June will benefit the seas conservation and charity FORCE BLUE. Established and directed by retired Marine Reconnaissance soldier and actor Rudy Reyes, FORCE BLUE connects the Special Forces veteran community with the world of marine science and works for the revival of both sides.

Known for supporting retired soldiers and historical non-governmental organizations for a long time, World of Warships also contributes to the protection of the oceans with this cooperation. Working with Popeye, she supports the FORCE BLUE charity.

Building on FORCE BLUE’s efforts, Wargaming 50,000 USD will make a donation. In addition to this donation, the proceeds from the sale of Popeye artifacts 10% of net profitFollowing the end of the campaign, the aid will be given to the organization as a basis.

Founded in 2016, FORCE BLUE is an organization focused on solving two problems: the collapse of the planet’s marine ecosystems and the challenges faced by so many veterans when their service ends and they no longer have a mission. FORCE BLUE uses this as an opportunity to connect highly qualified special forces retirees with the guidance of renowned scientists and environmentalists. Thanks to this training, these retired soldiers travel to different parts of the world on missions to protect marine biodiversity.

FORCE BLUE will also join World of Warships for the World Oceans Day Twitch livestream event on June 8th. Two esteemed guests from the FORCE BLUE group will be attending as part of the live stream: Actor and US Marine Reconnaissance veteran Rudy Reyes and the organization’s co-founder, US Navy SEAL veteran and FORCE BLUE Special Projects and Events Manager Steve “Gonzo” Gonzales. The duo will talk about the dual mission of the charity, highlighting the vital importance of defending the seas, explaining that the activities of the charity are helpful in supporting retired soldiers’ transition to civilian life and their mental health afterwards.

The Popeye Aid Package, which will be effective from June 1, includes two Commanders: Popeye and Bluff. Both feature unique voiceovers, two flags, and a unique camouflage for the Tier VII USS Colorado. Additionally, throughout June, until July 1st, players in World of Warships will complete a special “Save the Ocean” mission chain with weekly races and will eventually receive a free themed box.

Source: Oyun Gezer

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