The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken hit out at Russia and President Vladimir Putin during his first official trip to Finland since the Nordic country joined NATO in April.

“Today what I want to set out this and the many other ways Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine has been a strategic failure, greatly diminishing Russia’s power, its interests and its influence for years to come.”

Blinken pointed to Russia’s losses on the field and markets in Europe as well as Finland’s entrance into NATO.

Moscow’s invasion last year prompted neighboring Finland to join the Western military alliance.

“When you look at President Putin’s long-term strategic aims and objectives, there is no question: Russia is significantly worse off today than it was before the full-scale invasion,” Blinken said in Helsinki City Hall.

The threat from China

Blinken also revealed that the war has made the US more attentive to China.

Beijing insists it wants to mediate in Ukraine before it is too late.

“The risk of the war escalating still remains high. Currently, the war is still continuing and escalating,” the Chinese Special Representative on Eurasian Affairs, Li Hui.

Li has returned to Beijing after visiting Ukraine and Russia in what China said was a move to promote the peaceful and political resolution of the war.

He called weapons on the to “stop sending peacefield” so that talks can be held, he has not spoken of progress in his mission.

Source: Euronews

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