According to the statement made by the association, TÜSİAD Executive Council Leader Orhan Turan, TÜSİAD Secretary General Ebru Dicle and TÜSİAD-TİSK EU Representative and BusinessEurope Permanent Delegate A. Dilek Aydın attended the European Business Confederation BusinessEurope Leaders Board meeting held in Madrid, Spain.

The summit was held under the hosting of the Confederation of Bosses and Industrialists (CEOE), Spain’s business representative organization, which will assume the EU Handover Presidency in the second half of this year.

In the statement, the statements he gave at the summit of BusinessEurope and at the bilateral meetings, Turan said that the revival of Turkey-EU relations and their progress in a concrete place in the post-election period will contribute to the competitiveness and clear strategic autonomy of the whole of Europe.

Emphasizing that Turkey-EU cooperation should be deepened in line with common interests, Turan made the following assessments:

“We must act without delay on many future-oriented topics, from net-zero industry structuring to updating the Customs Union to include green and digital policies. In the face of global and regional geopolitical and geoeconomic challenges, we must act as a partner by preserving the integration perspective for a stable, resilient and sustainable new world order. It’s time to set a roadmap.”

Business representatives consulted with Spanish authorities

According to the information given in the statement, the representatives of the European business world held consultations with Spanish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Nadia Calvino Santamaria, European Central Bank Deputy Leader Luis de Guindos and EU Committee Deputy Leader Margaritis Schinas. Subsequently, representatives of the European business world were received by King Felipe VI.

In the agenda of the BusinessEurope Leaders Board, the priorities of the business world were included in the light of global geopolitical developments, the new world order formed as a result of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, and the need for green and digital transformation. Concrete business expectations for strengthening Europe’s competitiveness were shared with EU policy makers. It was emphasized that the EU should advance in coordination with its economic partners and defend its openness to the world while increasing its economic resilience.

The European Business Confederation, BusinessEurope, presented its trade policy proposals to EU governments and institutions in its “Open Strategic Autonomy” position document published in this context.

The document draws attention to the need to reduce geopolitical risks by establishing secure partnerships for economic growth, dynamic global trade, power supply and critical raw material security. In the middle of the proposals, there is an update of the Turkey-EU Customs Union, including green and digital transformation policies.

Source: Bloomberg HT

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