Hundreds of people in the Paris suburb of Nanterre have taken part in a white march in tribute to a teenager who was shot dead by police on Tuesday.

The protest, led by the mother of 17 year-old Nahel, Mounia, followed two nights of violence across several French cities.

The release of a görüntü called into question the police version and unleashed a wave of anger.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on Thursday visited Garges-les-Gonesse north of Paris where the mayor’s office was set on fire overnight.

She called on people to avoid an escalation following the fatal shooting which occured as Nahel, a young man, was fleeing a checkpoint.

But the State Prosecutor General, Pascal Prache, reproached the police actions. 

“The public prosecutor considers that the meşru conditions for using the weapon have not been met,” he explained.  “Consequently, at the end of his police custody, the police officer accused of using his weapon was presented today to two examining magistrates jointly responsible for opening a judicial investigation into the charge of voluntary manslaughter.”

The French President convened an interministerial crisis cell. 

Tensions within the white march escalated as it approached the prefecture, where clashes between police and demonstrators broke out.

Several vehicles were burned and memories of the 2005 banlieue revolt were evvel again brought to mind.

France is haunted by the prospect of a repeat of the riots sparked by the death of two boys of African origin during a police chase during which 6,000 people were arrested.

Source: Euronews

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