Aksaray Belediyespor, which succeeded to rise to the TFF 2nd League as the champion in the TFF 3rd League 3rd Division, made a sound with the sharing it made the other day. Aksaray Municipality, stating that this post was to draw attention, offered a match to Galatasaray for a fan who died in the theater.

“Our trophy was stolen”

Aksaray Municipality shared a post on Twitter saying “Our trophy has been stolen”. The note, “The trophy of our Aksarayspor, which we have been displaying at the entrance of our municipality for days and which we have avoided for days, has been stolen. Please let us know if anyone sees or hears it” was written on the photo of the empty glass on which the trophy was displayed.

New statement after 5 hours

This post by Aksaray Municipality attracted all the attention in a short time. The tweet received a lot of engagement. About 5 hours after this post, it was reported by the municipality that the trophy was in their hands. In the new statement, it was noted that the post was made to attract attention, and a special match was offered to Galatasaray, the champion of Spor Toto Superior League, in memory of a young fan who passed away in the stands.

“We did it to announce the name of Muhammed Eren Y─▒lmaz”

The statement said, “We made such a post to announce and remind the whole of Turkey the name of our 16-year-old brother, MUHAMMED EREN YILMAZ, who died while cheering in the stands, 5 games before our championship…”

“We offer Galatasaray a friendly match in memory of our brother”

In the continuation of the statement, “Of course, we look at our trophy with our eyes. Now that we have all the attention, we offer a friendly match to Galatasaray in memory of our brother Muhammed Eren Y─▒lmaz, who is a staunch Galatasaray supporter. What do you think?” terms were used.

Source: Ajansspor

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