National Grid ESO announced that projects are taking steps to accelerate their grid contact processes. Accordingly, it will be ensured that electricity generation projects are connected to the grid within 10 years.

In this context, ESO asked electricity generation investors to advance their projects immediately or withdraw from the queue so that they do not occupy the grid connection queue.

Thus, new projects will be in line for grid contact, increasing electricity generation capacity and shortening contact waiting times by 10 years.

National Grid ESO asked investors for current project schedules to identify projects that are not making progress.

This step of the institution came after the increasing criticism that the projects in the country took too long to start up and the investments waiting in line for the network contact were increasing day by day.

According to ESO data, 220 projects with a current capacity of 40 gigawatts are waiting in line to connect to the grid before 2026. However, only half of these projects have moved on to the planning stage, and some have extended their connection to the grid by over 14 years.

Source: Bloomberg HT

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