Lithuania’s annual Pride happened on Saturday, with thousands of demonstrators marching through the capital, Vilnius.

The rainbow-studded event was upbeat and loud, but the small Baltic country’s LBGT+ community face many issues.  

Lithuania is yet to legalise same-sex marriage or civil partnerships, with negative attitudes towards homosexuality firmly entrenched in the population. 

Euronews was there in Vilnius to photograph the day. 

Two protesters clad in pink fluffy outfits.

A poster reading Let’s Go Lesbians at Vilnius Pride

Demonstrators from Iraq joined the march.

Police guard an anti-LGBT+ counterprotest at Vilnius Pride 2023.

Demonstrators pile into Cathedral Square in central Vilnius.

A sign displayed on the Pride bus

Two demonstrators look on at anti-LGBT protesters, who were shouting.

Anti-LGBT protesters

Protesters march down Gediminas Avenue in central Vilnius.

A group of pro-Pride demonstrators.

Source: Euronews

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