From fintech to rooftop urban farms, start-ups and small to medium-size businesses from Europe are a key part of Hong Kong’s economic ecosystem. About a third of all start-ups and SMEs in Hong Kong are foreign and more than half of those are from Europe, benefitting from a strategic base for business across the region. In this episode of Spotlight Hong Kong, we hear the stories – from Rooftop Republic, Vacuumlabs, and the European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

Frederik Gollob, Chairman of the European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, tells Spotlight a lot is done to nurture young companies and startups.

Hong Kong is the perfect place to do urban farming because we live in a city that’s quite futuristic. We do have a lot of rooftop space that’s empty, and that we see as a fertile ground for converting into not only green but also productive spaces where we can grow our food and build a different food system for the future, so Hong Kong is the place.

Pol Fabrega
COO, Co-Founder, Rooftop Republic

Source: Euronews

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