Admir Mehmedi, who was transferred with great hopes in the middle of the last term in Antalyaspor and signed a 2.5-year contract, is counting the days for separation.

He has already sent his family to Switzerland

Despite having a contract for one more year, the Swiss football player, who responded positively to the termination talks of the Red-Whites, has already sent his family to his country. The son of the 32-year-old football player said goodbye to the players while coming to training.

He will return after the Giresunspor match

Admir Mehmedi, who is not considered in the team, will not complete his 1-year contract. The Swiss football player will officially part ways with Antalyaspor by terminating his contract after the Giresunspor match to be played in the last week.

He suffered from injury

Admir Mehmedi, who was transferred in the middle of the last period and has had great problems with injuries since the day he arrived, missed 15 matches in 1.5 period for this reason. The experienced football player rejected Antalyaspor’s request for termination of the contract at the beginning of the term.

He has not played in the last 11 games

Admir Mehmedi, who went against Kasımpaşa in the 24th week in his last match with Antalyaspor jersey, has not been able to take a time for 11 matches. The back striker, who played a total of 12 games this period, could not contribute to the score in 448 minutes.

He will close the gap of the former Galatasaray player

It was claimed that the 32-year-old football player will be transferred to FC Zurich, where he grew up from his infrastructure. It was stated that Blenen Dzemaili, who also wore the Galatasaray jersey for a time, will leave the group and leave his jersey to Admir Mehmedi.

Source: Ajansspor

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