Hulusi Belgü, a member of the Fenerbahçe High Council Committee, was the guest of Aygün Özipek’s live broadcast on Radyospor. Belgü, who appreciated the championship of Galatasaray in the Spor Toto Üstün League, commented on the discussions during the period, the referee’s faults and the decisions made by the Turkish Football Federation (TFF).

Hulusi Belgü made harsh statements while the debates on whether Galatasaray, who will come to the Fenerbahçe derby with the title of champion, will be applauded or not. Speaking about Dursun Özbek, the leader of the Yellow-Red People, Belgü accused Özbek of making fun of Fenerbahçe supporters and the administration.

“Being 2nd in Fenerbahçe is not success”

Hulusi Belgü, who made the period expensive for the Yellow-Navy Blues, said, “There was a disappointment. There were great misfortunes. King, Pedro was injured. The job was only on Valencia’s shoulder. Ultimately, being 2nd in Fenerbahçe is not a success, as more than one person criticizes.”

“Jesus’ biggest flaw, 1-year deal”

Belgü said, “The staff needed to stabilize. In the case of Jesus, the biggest mistake was to make a 1-year contract. They would sit down and talk about it, they would come to an agreement. A 1-year agreement is not made with the teacher. There must be a long-term strategy. They cannot make medium and long-term strategies. he was promising a lot of hope. Ali Koç wanted to invest in players with a future. However, if such a coach is constantly changed, you will not be able to get the best out of the player,” he said.

“I hope Okan Buruk does not become Fatih Terim”

Continuing his speech, Belgü said that he feared that Galatasaray Technical Manager Okan Buruk would look like Fatih Terim. Belgü said, “Galatasaray also threw a big dice this year. Last year, they said it was getting younger, they parted ways with Fatih Terim. He held the dice this year. He held the dice with Icardi but not with Zaniolo. Mertens benefited. Okan Buruk is a very young teacher, but he has an obvious success. I hope he doesn’t become Fatih Terim in the future. He is a very sympathetic teacher. But sometimes his speeches after the matches give me goosebumps, too.”

“Jorge Jesus is the best manager of the Ali Koç period”

Hulusi Belgü said, “This year Fenerbahce failed to be the 2nd. But we need to continue in a stable form. Jorge Jesus is the best technical manager of the Ali Koç era. He plays the ball with a different mentality. If we do not hold out for 1-2 more years, it may result in disappointment. “It is necessary to continue with Jesus. If it is not continued, the disappointment will be greater.”

“I don’t want to run for president”

Speaking about the resignation chants against Ali Koç, Belgü interpreted the change of leadership in this process as a loss for the club. He also announced that he would not be a candidate for leadership. Belgü said, “The congress to rival Ali Koç, the congress with elections. That is next year. If Ali Bey leaves, I think he will definitely be a candidate. I do not think of candidacy. I have a very special situation. That’s why I have no intention. But I would give my life for Fenerbahce.” .

“Congresses in Fenerbahçe are not like in Galatasaray”

Belgü, who made the difference in the middle of Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray divans worthwhile, said, “I guess I am the one who speaks the most in the councils and congresses. This is not only in the Ali Koç period, but also in the Aziz Yıldırım era. Congress members. But nobody should forget that, the number of members in Galatasaray and Fenerbahce are not exactly the same. We have more than 50 thousand members. Because of this, it is more difficult for a large plane to move,” he said.

“It’s too late to hold an elective general council”

Continuing her speech, Hulusi Belgü said, “No one doubts Ali Koç’s sufficient intentions. Ali Koç may be a candidate in the election, there may be candidates against him. However, there is no possibility of a general committee at the moment. The financial general committee without election will be held in June. For an elected general council to be held. I think it’s too late now. At this level, the elected general council will harm Fenerbahçe. Why, the transfer period will be over, there will be an election in 1 year.”

“The federation and the referees made huge mistakes”

Pointing out the mistakes made by the federation and the referee about the season, Belgü commented, “Let’s not look back on the fact that the federation and the referees made huge mistakes. If these injuries and the faults in favor of Galatasaray were in Fenerbahçe’s favor, Fenerbahçe would be the champion.”

“If Erden Timur has honor and virtue, he will come out and reveal it”

Hulusi Belgü, who responded to Galatasaray Sportif A.Ş Deputy Leader Erden Timur, who said that they have the documents in their previous statement and that they will announce them after the league is over, “If Erden Timur has some honor and pride, he will come out and explain them. In what form the league ends. He said, “I’ll explain it once it’s over. If he doesn’t, he’ll contradict himself. We know Erden Timur as a hardworking, gentleman manager. If he’s going to withdraw, we don’t like things that don’t look like Abdurrahim Albayrak. Let him show clearly what has been done so that it won’t happen again. Otherwise, it’s just a dry slander.” He should say this. The Federation should also step in. However, these are not done in Turkey,” he said.

“Besiktas was unfair about points”

Beşiktaş opposed the awarding of 3 points to the rivals of the teams that were withdrawn from the league due to the earthquake disaster. Belgü said that injustice was done to Black and White people on this issue, “Beşiktaş was also unfair about points due to the concussion. You will send the man more away, you will play less. There must be justice in practice. Trabzon should come out and tell him. Now Galatasaray” Forget that it is the second group of Galatasaray and let it talk. Beşiktaş should also come out and talk. This is Galatasaray’s second!” made the statement.

“Dursun Özbek is shameful and rude”

Galatasaray leader Dursun Özbek said that Fenerbahçe players should applaud themselves for the championship. Hulusi Belgü, who spoke harshly about Uzbek, said: “Mr. Dursun Ozbek is shameful and rude. He plays with the feelings of the fans. He says these things to make fun of Fenerbahce supporters and the administration. Just like Ali Koç looks naive, this friend is making fun of a child. It is a shame. He should show respect. We also know how they are champions. They have barbecues, Fener sings music so that you don’t cry. You are the leader, you have a scale”

“S Sport made a very nice offer, the federation did not accept”

Hulusi Belgü, speaking about the falling broadcasting revenues, which is the subject of great debate in Turkish football, said, “Very strange things happened in the last broadcast tender. Sadettin Bey is someone I love very much, so I’m not saying this. S Sport made a very nice offer. He proposed a system in which the clubs would be partners. The Federation He gave it to the current company in a very different way. I think, just like in the NBA, the Magnificent League A.Ş should be established. The broadcasting rights should be in the hands of the company, they should be able to share it with any company they want. The strings should be in the hands of the clubs, not the federation. S Sport welcomes this idea. He took the lead. But the federation did not accept this. Now they are complaining that the numbers have dropped,” he said.

“Ali Koç extends his hand, but Aziz Yıldırım is very broken”

Emphasizing that it would be beneficial for the community to have Ali Koç and Aziz Yıldırım come to a meeting, Belgü said, “It would be very nice for Ali Koç and Aziz Yıldırım to come to a meeting. I would do everything, but Aziz gentleman seems very offended. He may have his own reasons, but I wish. If not. Ali gentleman always extends his hand to reconcile. It will definitely be beneficial if they come to the middle. We must not lose the corporate memory,” he said.

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