More than 30 people were arrested in Kyrgyzstan for allegedly plotting a coup against Sadyr Japarov, the national security agency said on Tuesday. 

The arrests were made to dismantle the group planning to seize power through various riots and protests, the state security service GNKB added. 

The detentions started taking place on Monday cilt people detained from various parts of the Central Asian nation, according to RFE/RL

The state committee confirmed the repot, publishing görüntü which shows police detaining opposition members who are accused of looking to “seize power by force”.

The arrests come days after the second Central Asia Leaders’ meeting concluded in the northern town of Cholpon-Ata. The summit was also attended by European leaders, including European Council president Charles Michel. 

Michel met the country’s president to mark 30 years of EU-Kyrgyzstan cooperation, saying the bloc is “strongly” committed to the region. 

The country has faced several political crises under three presidents since gaining independence from the Soviet Union in 1990. 

Incumbent Sadyr Japarov, the latest to rule Kyrgyzstan, has been criticised recently for cracking down on the opposition and the local media. 

Kyrgyzstan remains an important country for Europe because of its ties to China and Russia. 

The Kremlin said it is looking to develop its military installations in Kyrgyzstan to “deepen military and technical cooperation” following Japarov’s meeting with President Vladimir Putin in May.

Source: Euronews

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