Protesters from the Just Stop Oil climate activist group ran onto the pitch and briefly interrupted the second match of The Ashes cricket series between England and Australia on Wednesday.

The protester was carried off the field by cricket player Jonny Bairstow.

Just Stop Oil said in a statement: “Lord’s Cricket Ground boasts about being powered by 100% renewable energy, yet their principal partner is JP Morgan, the world’s worst fossil bank that contributed $317 billion in fossil fuel financing from 2016 to 2020.”

Just before Stuart Broad bowled the second over, two protesters ran out of the grandstand and onto the outfield, sprinkling the group’s trademark orange powder on the square but not on the pitch.

Bairstow grabbed one of the demonstrators and carried them off the playing surface, with the other apprehended by stewards. A third demonstrator was tackled before making it onto the outfield.

Spectators booed the protesters as they were led away by stewards. Metropolitan Police later said they had arrested three people.

Source: Euronews

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